Amulette ~ jewels for the soul
Ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture and modern design collide to create an innovative and meaningful jewelry line, appropriately named Amulette.

The word Amulette is French for amulet, meaning a piece of jewelry worn to provide protection against evil, injury, disease or bad luck.

In Ancient Tibet, Buddhists believed that putting a written prayer for your loved one into an amulet called a gao would ensure that it would be answered. They wore these treasured gifts on chains that kept the prayer close to their hearts. Significantly, it was only the person who gave the gao and the person who wore it that knew what the message was inside. It formed a spiritual connection between the two that was far more significant than the piece itself.

Designer and founder, Brooke Poller, draws on this rich tradition by creating pieces made of 14K gold, sterling silver, and precious and semi-precious stones that are not only beautiful, but are also truly significant. All pieces are made in New York City.

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